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As a CULTURALLY CONSCIOUS BUSINESS you're striving for CREATIVE and engaging CONTENT that resonates with your target audience, highlights your PURPOSE and shows how your services & products will bring BENEFITS & VALUE to your clients

You want to: 

  • Establish trust, a personal connection

  • Convey your message in a clear, easy-to-read & friendly way

  • Stand out from your competition

  • Push emotional triggers

  • Create value for your clients

You don't want to:

  • Have long, un-readable text or too much information 

  • Bore your clients with bland copy

  • Have typos or poor formatting

  • Be inconsistent  

  • Have no clear message


>> This is what I can help you with:

  • Research and write blog posts & web CONTENT, articles, press releases & newsletters, brochures, video scripts - both in ENGLISH & GERMAN

  • Create PROFESSIONAL, SEO-OPTIMISED COPY that will get your MESSAGE across

  • Edit existing texts and align them better with your VALUES

  • Translate/transcreate texts into German. Localise texts for SPECIFIC MARKETS

  • Take the ESSENCE of your company and create a compelling story around it

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Have you ever felt like your home, or *ahem* the state of your home, isn’t aligning with your personal goals? It might feel cramped, especially in a world of overstimulation, decision fatigue, and too much of everything.

When people talk about Chile as a destination, you almost always hear names like Patagonia, the capital Santiago de Chile, its street-art hub Valparaíso and Chile’s volcano and lake region.

About five years ago I was sitting in my tiny studio apartment in the center of Amsterdam, working as a freelance writer, thinking about how I needed a change.

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Hi, my name is Alexandra. Just call me Alex.


I'm Austrian but I have been living, studying & working in various places like Spain, Croatia, Denmark, the Netherlands, South & Central America and Australia. I guess you can call me a digital nomad. Here you can read more about my travels.


Having lived in different countries, learning new languages and immersing myself in new cultures has shaped and enriched my life. Over the years factors like cultural awareness & diversity have gained importance in marketing and advertising. As a culturally conscious copywriter I can help you articulate your purpose and convey the ways you can enrich people's lives.

I've gained experience working as a blogger for a Buzzfeed-type company called Upcoming. Then I started supporting clients as a communication professional in the areas of copywriting, translating and proofreading.

Conscious living & travelling, health & wellbeing, sustainability, mindfulness, minimalism & de-cluttering as well as street art and inspirational art projects are topics close to my heart. My infinite curiosity, however, will happily motivate me to take on projects from all different areas.

What can I do for you? Let's have a chat! 

"Alexandra joined DutchReview at an early stage. From the very start her articles were always interesting, creative, well written and funny. She has also been able to submit her work well before deadlines, has put in the extra time when our project needed it and is more than a good ambassador for DutchReview. Alexandra is enthusiastic and professional in what she does, and great fun to work with as well, which I look forward to do once more in the nearby future."

Abuzer Van Leeuwen

Founder and owner of DutchReview

"Alexandra Hütter is one of our (Spotzer) most valuable freelancers. We have been
working with her for over 2 years by now and will certainly keep on doing it
in the future. The quality of her work is outstanding. She is precise,
efficient and very flexible. We have great trust in her and her work. She has worked with high volumes and tight deadlines delivering fantastic scripts for videos and commercials for small businesses. Responsible, trustworthy, flexible and highly creative, those are the words that come into my mind when I think of Alexandra."

Estefania Lopez Gonzalez

Coach, teacher, motivational speaker (TEDx), personal growth & yoga

"Alexandra has been working with us for several years now. She always responds quickly whenever we have a client request, no matter if it’s a translation/transcreation task or creative copy for advertising/marketing purposes. Alexandra goes above and beyond to deliver her work on time and in a professional manner and is very responsive in terms of editing requests. We’re happy to have her in our pool of reliable copywriters and hope to continue our successful collaboration for many years."

Sandra van Gemert

Manager / Agent at Copywriter Collective

"Alex has been a part of our translators pool since November 2016 and we have always been very happy with her translation services. She is a very qualified and motivated person who isn’t afraid to work hard. Alex is a reliable translator who can work independently. Besides that, Alex is friendly, flexible and stress-resistant. We also highly appreciate Alex's excellent responsiveness. I can easily recommend Alex for any translating job or position in the German<>English language pair."

Natalia Fernández Martínez

Translation Coordinator and Spanish Content Editor at Catawiki

"I contracted Alexandra to work on a long-term transcreation project from English into German and was amazed by her efficiency and attention to details. Communication was smooth and she was very often able to submit her work way before the deadline. She did a great job at localising our source content to reach out to our target audience and has thorough linguistic skills. I will definitely get in touch with Alexandra again for future projects!"

Coumba Diallo

Content & Language Specialist


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